Falucca Fine Linen

Introducing Mist to the Signature Collection this summer

Add a splash of refreshing tones to your bedroom.

This season, we’ve turned our attention to soft and fresh tones, with the introduction of the Mist colour palette. This colour palette references this  life-giving natural phenomenon, with all its delicate shades of green, white and blue, against the natural landscape.

green mist signature collection colour palette
The quiet cool of a summer morning is the source of inspiration for the Mist colour palette.

Available in our Signature Collection fabric, a silky soft, 800 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric, the palette is a classic one that we recommend pairing with floral details in your scatter cushions and throws.

The season’s warm days and blue skies are plenty of inspiration to refresh your bed’s look and feel. There’s really nothing quite as delicious as collapsing onto a beautifully made bed after spending a day soaking up the sun’s rays.

Aqua satin stitch on mist green Signature Collection for Falucca Fine Linen
Add subtle colour detail with the our Aqua Mist satin stitch on white Signature Collection fabric.
ivory bold border pillowcases in Mist Green Signature Collection for Falucca Fine Linen
A Bold Border pillow detail in Ivory Mist is reminiscent of warm summer days in golden grass.

Your Falucca Linen bedding offers far more than just good looks, but also helps to keep your skin breathing and comfortable all through the night.

Natural fibres such as Egyptian cotton and Flax linen offer gentle textural experiences and also help to regulate your body’s temperature, making them ideal materials to sleep in all through the year. Read: How great quality bedding improves sleep.

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Mist Green bold border and aqua satin stitch detail in Falucca Fine Linen Signature Collection