Falucca Fine Linen

Why choose Egyptian Cotton?

Fabrics made from Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer, stronger and longer lasting than any other cotton. In fact, Egyptian cotton bedding actually becomes softer with each wash.

The Egyptian cotton fabric used in our range of bed linen is specifically woven for Falucca Linen Company and is tested for quality and strength prior to manufacture.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Gossypium Barbadense.— The fine, long, silky fibres of commerce are all derived from this species. It is indigenous to a group of the West Indian Islands named the Lesser Antilles. It gets its name from Barbados, one of the West Indies. At the present time it is cultivated throughout the Southern States of North America which border on the sea, in most of the West Indian Islands, Central America, Western Africa lying between the tropics, Bourbon, Egypt, Australia, and the East Indies. There is no doubt that the plant comes to its highest and most perfect state of cultivation when it is planted near the sea.

“It may be cultivated in any region adapted to the olive and near the sea, the principal requisite being a hot and humid atmosphere, but the results of acclimatization indicate that the humid atmosphere is not entirely necessary if irrigation be employed, as this species is undoubtedly grown extensively in Egypt.”

egyptian cotton fabric weaving

The height of this species varies from 3 to 4 feet if cultivated as an annual, and from 6 to 8 feet if allowed to grow as a perennial. When in full leaf and flower, it is a most graceful-looking plant. Yarns having the finest counts, as they are called, are all spun from Sea Islands, which belongs to this class. When we are told that a single pound of this cotton is often spun into a thread about 160 miles long we can see that it must be exceedingly good and strong cotton to do this.


Extract taken from : Project Gutenberg’s “The Story of the Cotton Plant” by Frederick Wilkinson