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Choose the right duvet inner for you

Natural or synthetic fill is just the start of the options available to you when it comes to high quality duvet inners. What makes one better than the other? We take a look at how to choose the right duvet inner for you.  Your duvet inner’s casing Before we get[…]

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How to check that your fitted sheet fits

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The only thing more difficult than folding a fitted sheet is getting the size right! Avoid any mishaps by following these essential fitted sheet sizing rules from our experts. 1. Measure up your mattress When shopping for fitted sheets, arm yourself with a few key measurements. You will need the[…]

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Falucca Linen’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how we use personal information, what personal information we collect and how you can limit our use of that personal data if desired. 1. What information do we gather? We gather information that relates to, and can identify you (e.g. your name and address)[…]

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Why bedding quality is more than ‘thread count’

thread count

Let’s set this common assumption straight: high thread count doesn’t always equal high quality bedding. Here’s a clear definition of what thread count refers to:  In countries using the metric system, thread count is the amount of both vertical and horizontal threads in 10 square centimetres (3.16cm x 3.16cm), while[…]

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Slip into bed on the softest Breeze

New seasons bring inspiration and an exquisite new colour to our luxury 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton bed linen Signature Collection: Breeze.   “Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.” ~ Vera Nazarian Let your senses do the feeling: Glimpse the beauty of a bed[…]

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