Falucca Fine Linen

Let our True Linen guide you back to inner calm

Discover deep rest and a beautiful bedroom with our True Linen bedding collection, made from 100% Flax linen.

It’s not luxury bedding, it’s a way of life

Now, more than ever before, we’re in need of ways to find balance. With world events leaving none of us untouched, and work and home life becoming less distinct, our bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep, but a sanctuary of escape, relaxation and deep rest. 

A moodboard showing images depicting calm. Misty forests, salt pans, a yoga mudra, a misty lake, salt flakes and fynbos.

Flax Linen’s amazing benefits

The rediscovery of the benefits of Flax linen bedding suggests our deep need to take it slow, return to what really matters, and embrace the perfect imperfections of life. Throw out the absurd notion of a crease-free bed and enjoy the crinkly textural triumph that is a Flax linen bed. Our True Linen will help you take a giant step towards a simpler way of life.

The subtle textured weave of our pre-washed and shrunk, full width, pure Flax linen fabric will turn your rest time into a soothing, rejuvenating experience.

Our True Linen will help you take a step, slow and easy, toward a simpler way of life.

You will enjoy the benefits of this sought after natural fibre immediately too, as our True Linen pieces are made from fabric that is genuinely ready to use. There is no need to wear them in. Its delightfully soft, light-to-the-touch texture floats effortlessly on your skin. Together with its temperature regulating ability, this makes it so much more than luxury bedding. 

Our True Linen colours and designs

Choose from our selection of soft, natural colours and stylish designs. Today, we introduce you to Salt, Mist and the fusion of both. 

Keep an eye out for our Sky Blue, Carbon and new fusion combinations coming soon.

Designed and manufactured in our Cape Town studio, our True Linen collection is a triumph of this sought after natural fibre.

From pillowcase to fitted sheet, we make each piece with utmost care and attention to detail. We also offer customised bedding solutions, so get in touch today to see how we can assist you.