Falucca Fine Linen


Our luxury bedding collections showcase some of the finest bedding available in South Africa. From our Signature Collection, crafted from luxurious 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton fabric, to our True Linen Collection, featuring a mixture of textured flax linen with satin-smooth Egyptian Cotton, the name Falucca Fine Linen is one you can safely call outstanding comfort. Scroll down to learn more about these bedding collections and view some of our work.

Signature Collection


Let fresh white bedding soften you into sound sleep with its calming effect on your sense of well-being.


The sensual undertones of the life-giving substance charcoal will turn your bed into the luxurious rest nest you’ve always wanted.


At once calming and unassuming, with a warm undertone, Shadow is easy to work with to create breath-taking bedroom decor.

Custom Satin Stitch

Choose from a selection of stitch colours to make your linen match your personal taste or your branding. View colour options now.


Our oyster colour palette offers a touch of silvery white in the cool morning light that turns into a warm glow in the afternoon sun.

Non Standard Bed Sizes

Got an unusual bed size? We have the luxury linen to match. All our colours and details are available in custom and large sizing.

For the connoisseur of high thread count luxury bed linen we present our Signature Collection. Tailored from our 800 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric, it is on par with European quality bedding, yet is made locally right here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Discover the bedding styles and colours that resonate with your own taste preference. View the Signature Collection here.

True Linen

Salt, Oxford

Classic white bedding gets a refreshing rework with our True Linen Collection in Salt.


Bring a meditative calm and quiet to your bedroom with our luxurious flax linen in Mist.

Carbon, Plain

Bedding style is stripped back to the true essentials with the sensual Carbon tone.

Carbon on Salt

Carbon and Salt come together to form natural contrast to create bedding bliss.

Fusion, Salt and Mist

Give your bedroom the softest lift of colour with our fusion of Salt and Mist.

Carbon on Mist

Merge two of nature’s tones to form your very own conservatory for rest.

Made with textured Flax linen, the True Linen Collection will elevate your sleep experience as its natural fibres awaken luxurious sensuality. Known to regulate body temperature, this natural fabric sits lightly on the skin, seemingly floating above it to create breathability and total comfort. View the True Linen Collection here.


Summer, autumn and winter weight pure down duvets

Luxury down alternative duvets and pillows

Down pillows in soft, medium and firm support

We offer a full selection of bed essentials to complement your Falucca Fine Linen. The range includes down inners in various sizes and weights for all seasons and a choice of different density down pillows. Custom sizing and extra large down duvets and pillows are available in our down products.

You will also find down alternative inners, pillows for allergy sufferers, luxury mattress toppers, and 100% cotton-quilted mattress and pillow protectors available at Falucca Fine Linen.