Falucca Fine Linen

Introducing Yin Yang natural bedding

White Yin Yang bed linen by Falucca Fine Linen

We bring two luxurious natural fabrics together in a reversible marriage of textural delight in our Yin Yang bedding style. On one side, you’ll find satin-smooth 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton and on the other, true textured linen.

The result is two wonderful textural choices that bring you back in touch with your sensual side.

Available in two colours white and silver-grey.

Yin Yang bed linen in silver-grey by Falucca Fine Linen

Each set of Yin Yang bedding is tailored to your choice and can include:

  • Oxford True linen pillowcases – from R590 (per pair)
  • Yin Yang oxford pillowcases – 800 threadcount Egyptian cotton with true linen Oxford border – from R810 (per pair)
  • Yin Yang duvet covers (reversible) – 800 threadcount Egyptian cotton & True linen – from R2500
  • Flat sheets – True linen with an 800 thread count Egyptian cotton cuff detail – from R1850
  • Fitted sheets True linen or Egyptian cotton – from R1230

Contact sales@faluccalinen.co.za should you have any queries about sizing and pricing.