Falucca Fine Linen

The interior design secret everyone should know

When it comes to finishing off a room’s look dark detailing goes a long way. Here’s why:

It’s a principal long followed by interior designers and one that really works to add the “full stop” to a decor story: include a touch of dark detail, even in a space dominated by light and bright tones. A little detail in a dark hue be it black, navy or charcoal, offers a focal point and adds balance. Not to mention that darker colours are universally considered both luxurious and sophisticated. 

The trick works especially well when doing up your bedroom interiors, as this is a room most given over to sensuality. Here are a few ways you can bring a darker tone to your bedding, beautifully. 

Double Oxford in Charcoal on White 

Go for bold, definitive detail with the double oxford border using our warm and earthy charcoal tone. It’s a contemporary riff on the classic detail that leaves a lasting impression.

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Double Satin Stitch in Charcoal on Oyster  

Our Oyster tone is the pinnacle of luxury. Double satin stitch detailing in a warm charcoal offers up a hint of the masculine whilst still remaining resolutely aligned with the Oyster’s sensuousness.

Falucca Linen’s Signature Collection is made from the finest fabric: a top quality, 800-thread count Egyptian Cotton woven using a sateen weave.

Narrow border in Charcoal on Oyster

Give your bed decor a contemporary finish with a narrow border in earthy charcoal. The narrow border adds great impact with a minimalist approach.

Single Satin Stitch in Charcoal on White 

Simplicity is the key in this lovely bedding detail. A single satin stitch in charcoal over our optic white linen is an understated nod to the classic glamour of a bygone era.

All our bedding is made up in our Cape Town studio. Get in touch  at info@faluccalinen.co.za or call 082 548 4703 to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your dream bed decor.