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Feather up your bed for winter

duvet and pillows on wooden bed

Follow this essential information on what type of bedding inners you need to turn your bed into the cosiest hibernation spot this winter. The cold months loom ahead, and just as the birds spend time meticulously lining their nests with soft down feathers and other insulating bits and pieces, so[…]

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Find snuggle heaven in 3 easy steps

Snuggle in Falucca Fine Linen Signature Collection bold border

As you start pulling out your favourite winter woolies, be sure to turn your focus to your bed too. Here are 4 tips for a cosy bed this winter: 1. Go with natural fibres Natural fibres such as Egyptian Cotton and Flax Linen are great at offering perfect insulation during[…]

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Get the right duvet size

A duvet cover and a smiling woman in bed.

Every so often you will be told a fact that seems so illogical that it is difficult to believe. Here’s one of them: the King and Queen duvet and cover is the same width. While there is a 30cm difference in the width between the two bed sizes, standard South[…]

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