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Get your bed ready for spring

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From dusting to throwing out old and unused things, your house will get a spring clean, so why shouldn’t your bed be on the list too? Here are a few ways you can get your bed and bedding ready for the warmer months ahead.

No more dust bunnies

First up, you need to look to your bedroom corners, under the bed and between the night stand and your bed base. You might vacuum regularly, but dust has an amazing way of finding those hard to reach places, so make it your mission to move the bed out of its usual spot and vacuum your way into those nooks.

Into the washing machine

Strip your bed entirely, throwing your sheets, pillow, duvet cover and box sheet into the washing machine and yes, your pillow and duvet inners too. For 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding, we recommend you do a full length cotton wash to get rid of any lingering nasties.

It’s also possible to wash your duvet and pillow inners but be mindful of what it is filled with. Most synthetic inners are safe to wash, but it’s best to check the instruction label first to ensure you’re doing it properly.

A high quality down duvet can also be washed using a down-friendly product like Woolite, but once again be sure to check the instruction label before tossing it into the machine. To get your down duvet nice and fluffy again, dry it on the washing line on a sunny day and shake it out every half hour.

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Credit: Jason Briscoe, Unsplash.com

Clean your mattress

Now it’s time to move your focus to your mattress. Strip off your mattress protector and take a good look at the bare mattress beneath. While your mattress protector no doubt keeps most of the dirt at bay, it’s still worth cleaning your mattress at least once every season to ensure optimal hygiene.

Popsugar.com recommends using bicarb mixed with your preferred essential oil to give your mattress a deep clean. Get a box of bicarb, add about 10 to 20 drops of the oil to it and mix together well. Sprinkle the now fragrant powder across the mattress surface and then rub it in thoroughly. Leave it to work its absorptive magic for at least an hour to rid your mattress of any nasty residue and odours. Vacuum up the bicarb thoroughly (and any dust mites in the process) and then flip or rotate your mattress so that you avoid that inevitable body indentation for as long as possible while lengthening the life of your mattress.

One final dusting session

Rid the whole room of any leftover dust by giving all surfaces – including the walls – a good wipe down and then it’s time to start building your bed back together.

Add those spring layers

Since the evenings are warming up, you’ll want to reconsider that heavy duvet inner and change to something a little lighter. That heavy winter blanket can be aired out, folded up and packed away, while a lighter throw added in its place.

Take a look at this great tutorial on how to make your bed like a pro to get your bed looking absolutely spring ready.

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