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Achieve your dream sleep regime

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The start of a new year is often filled with empty resolutions to eat well, exercise regularly or think positively, but perhaps we’re doing it wrong. There may be some merit to the idea that starting with a healthy sleep regime first will help you lay the ground work for achieving all your other resolutions.

Here are five reasons to consider changing your sleep habits:

#1 Good sleep makes your brain more functional

In fact, a 2006 Harvard study shows that getting a good night’s rest helps you retain more information. So, throw out those last-minute cramming habits, because burning the midnight oil will do nothing for your memory performance. Rather, hit the sack early the night before a big presentation, exam or test and you’ll be at your sharpest.

#2 Less sleep makes you dream more

Those vivid dreams where you’re walking naked through the local shopping mall, or going to war with zombies are more likely to occur when you’re getting too little rest. That’s because when you finally get to sleep after a period of sleep deprivation, your brain undergoes greater activity (similar to a computer going through an update) during this rest period than if you have consistent sleep over time. According to the Scientific American, this is called REM Rebound.

#3 More sleep means less mood swings, more harmony

Without sufficient sleep might find yourself losing your temper or tearing up more easily. So, getting a good night’s rest is not only a smart idea if you’re wanting to perform better intellectually, it also helps you stay sane and manage your emotions more effectively.

#4 Sleep well and reach your weight goals

If you’ve vowed to lose some weight in 2017, then you’d be well advised to be strict with yourself in terms of how much sleep you get. Rest has been proven to correlate with your body’s ability to respond to a new exercise and diet regime. Sleep deprivation has been found to mess with our ability to tell whether or not we’re really hungry, and tends to have us craving foods high in sugar, fat and salt.

#5 Less sleep means a weaker immune system

It’s easy to see how your body might struggle to keep you alert on a lack of sleep and maintain all its functions at 100 percent. In particular, you tend to lose the ability to fight off infections when you’re sleep deprived. So, if you’re battling that cold for the third time in as many months, perhaps it’s time to take a close look at your sleep habits.

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