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How to spot fabric quality in store

folded bed sheets show fabric quality

We’ve discussed what you should look out for on the packaging of your chosen product, and we’ve also addressed factors that might influence the cost of your bedding – even when the quality isn’t particularly high. In this article, we talk about how to recognise fabric quality while you’re in the store.

Here are four things you can physically check when you happen to have a product right in front of you:

#1 Firmness of the fabric

The weave of the fabric should be firm, which can be tested by scratching the surface of the cloth. If the threads shift easily, the product may be inclined to develop holes at the seamed edges.

#2 Uniform weave

The weave of the fabric should be uniform. Hold a sheet to the light and look for any unusually thick or thin areas. Bedding in which the weave is not uniform will wear unevenly and definitely doesn’t indicate high fabric quality.

#3 Even colour

The colour should be even and look fresh. If there is a fold or crease in the product, check whether the colour has rubbed off. This could be an indication of poor dye quality.

#4 Dusty fabric

No powdery dust should appear on the surface of the fabric. If so, this is an indication of too much sizing and may conceal poor fabric quality.

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