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Dress your bed for winter

dress your bed this winter with stylish grey tones

As you start pulling out your favourite winter woolies to keep the evening chill at bay, it’s time to pull out your winter favourites for your bed too. Here are a few suggestions to stop the cold midnight chill from crawling into bed with you this winter.

Pile on the layers

Much like when we dress ourselves for a cold winter day, your bed’s winter makeup starts with layers. Start with the floor beneath your bed first. A rug under your bed especially if you have tiled or screed floors.

Next, give your mattress a luxury mattress topper which doubles up as a mattress protector. Just as a lofty down duvet will fold around your body and keep in the warmth, so a luxury topper cradles your body on a soft cloud that is a fantastic insulator.

Opt for a an autumn or all seasons weight down duvet inner to ward off the winter temperatures.

Warm up with colour and texture

As our wardrobes move to darker, textured clothing for the cooler seasons so should your bedding, it’s time to pack away your favourite white linen until Spring and bring in a warmer darker palette. Think grey and neutrals with rich browns, metallic and dusty forest greens for accents.

Your sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases needn’t to be the same colour. Instead, layer darker and lighter neutrals on top of one another to create depth and interest.

All Falucca Fine Linen products are sold separately so you can layer in different shades from our Signature Collection. We suggest starting with Shadow fitted sheet, adding a Charcoal duvet cover and a pair of Bold Border pillowcases in Shadow and Charcoal. Then bring in a new texture with a pair of Charcoal pillowcases from our True Linen Collection.

true linen falucca fine linen
The True Linen Collection is available to order. Get in touch at info@faluccalinen.co.za.

Add a few textured scatters and a cosy throw in your favourite neutral colours to complete the look. Not only will your bed be heaven to sleep in, it will look fabulous too!

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