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Give your bed French classic style

Bedroom Block & Chisel collaboration decor bed style

We collaborated with decor experts Block & Chisel to create the most beautiful French classic bedroom. 

“Enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber.” ~ William Shakespeare

The result is truly wonderful, highlighting how important your bed is in the overall styling of your bedroom. Stick to these styling principles to achieve this look time and again:

Start with colour scheme

Your colour scheme is the foundation of your overall look. For our French classic, we chose two colour schemes using muted tones, and a white base for our bed linen. Warm pink and beige hues offered a romantic, whimsical accent, while soft blues and greys created a dreamy, masculine feel.bedroom block & chisel french classic bedroom blue


Choose good furniture

Pieces such as your headboard, bedside tables and bedend should contribute to the overall look, but be versatile enough to work with different bed linen styles. That way, by simply changing your throw, scatters and one pair of pillowcases, you will be able to transform the overall look.Bed styled romantic, feminine, whimsical


Keep detailing minimal

Less is more when it comes to your bedding detail. It means that it can be used in a variety of style settings. A simple oxford border on the bedding works to soften lines and is also a nod to timeless style.simple bed linen detailing egyptian cotton

Muted colours play a big part in achieving the French classic look, echoed through the soft Oyster tone of our Signature Collection. The bedding in this collection is made from 800 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric, woven using a sateen method which gives this high quality cotton a luxurious satin feel.




Play with pillow composition

A beautiful classic bed requires a generous number of pillows, including the pillows you’ll be sleeping on, your king pillows and your scatter cushions. Lay these out in various combinations to create different looks. Sit your pillows up against the headboard, or lay your pillows down to create a linear, more masculine look.scatter cushions block & chisel collaboration bedroom

Instead of adding your scatter cushions in the front, place three scatter cushions against the headboard with your sleeping pillows in the foreground. Three scatter cushions composed this way makes your bed feel like one unit instead of two sides.

If you choose good basics, you can put your personality into the mix of things. Don’t be afraid to give your bed the styling focus it deserves and remember: there are no rules to styling. It’s perfect when you love it!