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Got an unusual bed size? We’ve got the luxury bedding to match

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The new trend towards king extra length and emperor king beds and other custom bed sizes is fast catching on. As it does, Falucca Linen is here to tell you that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your bed linen due to an unusual bed size.

If your sleep experience is important to you, you’ll understand the beauty of a bed which offers you ample space to stretch out. But creating the most comfortable and supportive sleep experience shouldn’t stop at your mattress size. The bedding you choose to cocoon yourself plays a big role in the quality of your sleep too.

Our Cape Town-based studio is able to make up custom-size bed linen for you to ensure you get the whole experience that is beautiful sleep.

You should have high expectations for your bedding as it’s the first layer you come into contact with when you hit the sack. So, when it comes to matching bedding to your unusual bed size, don’t just focus on sizing.

You can now shop big bedding size options in our online store. Here are some of the latest sizes you will find:

  • King 200 fitted sheets (200×200) 
  • Emperor size duvets and inners (300×240)
  • Extra wide flat sheets (300×275) (leaving you plenty of space to tuck) 
  • A full range of king pillowcases and the inners to match

Still don’t see your bedding size? Get in touch for your customised bedding solutions.

Here are 5 essentials you should be ticking off your list:

Your bedding should help your skin breathe.

Good quality fabrics are made from natural fibres that are porous enough to allow air to come into contact with your skin while still ensuring your stay comfortably insulated. Go for natural fabrics like cotton and flax, and stay away from poly-cotton and other synthetic blends to avoid waking hot and bothered at night.

It should help regulate your body temperature.

Good quality natural bedding will do more than just allow your skin to breathe. It will also ensure your body temperature stays constant. The less your temperature fluctuates, the less sleep interruption you’ll experience.

It should be just the right texture and colour to get you to relax.

Soothing tones and good texture contribute to your sleep experience in a big way. Our Signature Collection is an 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton woven using the sateen weave. The result is a satin-like texture that slides softly and luxuriously over your skin. On the other hand, our True Linen Collection is made using a 220 gram flax linen, offering a more textured, yet still invitingly soft, feel. Both collections are available in a selection of soothing colours to make sure you get a truly outstanding sleep experience.

You should feel safe and secure – but you shouldn’t feel smothered.

That’s all to do with the weight, weave and fabric type and it’s why natural fibres win every time. Don’t forget that your bedding inners will contribute in a big way to how you sleep. The more synthetic they are, the more likely you are to feel hot and clammy as these fibres don’t allow much air to circulate. So, be sure to give some thought to your duvet inner and mattress topper too when you kit out your big bed.

It should fit your bed – and you – without an issue.

When it comes to custom bedding, your sleep experience should be top of mind. So, don’t only hand over the measurements for your brand new king extra length or emperor king bed. Choose the fabrics, styles and colours that will truly elevate your sleep experience. From custom-sized duvet and pillow inners to the beautiful bedding that encases them, Falucca Linen offers you all you need for the perfect night’s sleep.

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Your bed should be a sanctuary of rest. If you can relax and switch off to the world the minute you climb in between those sheets, they have passed the test!

Do your homework and go with the best bed experience you can afford. This will pay dividends to your sleep quality and overall health for years to come!

Get in touch at info@faluccalinen.co.za for more information about how we can assist you with custom-sized bedding and inners.