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Find snuggle heaven in 3 easy steps

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As you start pulling out your favourite winter woolies, be sure to turn your focus to your bed too. Here are 4 tips for a cosy bed this winter:

1. Go with natural fibres

Natural fibres such as Egyptian Cotton and Flax Linen are great at offering perfect insulation during the colder months while ensuring your skin is able to “breathe”.

2. Insulate your mattress

Did you know that 30% of the warmth you generate in bed is lost through your mattress? Keep the warmth where it belongs with a luxury mattress topper. Designed like a fitted sheet, they are soft and puffy, warm as toast and double up as a mattress protector.

3. Snuggle at Club Duvet

Duvet inners come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Our favourite is down, either goose or duck. Choosing the correct weight or tog is the trick. Autumn weight (10/11 tog) is the one we would recommend for South African winters. Even though a pure down duvet can be pricey, if chosen well you will use it for decades.

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